In 2020, Clúid provided 675 new homes and supported over 2,800 new residents who were in housing need.

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Keys handed over in 2020

National Residents Advisory Group

Early in 2020, Clúid collaborated with residents on the formation of the National Residents Advisory Group (NRAG). The group was established in February and is made up of people from across the Clúid resident body. The guiding principle of NRAG is that of partnership, with the objective of incorporating the residents’ voice and perspectives into all areas of the organisation.


The National Residents Advisory Group has 18 members

Social Housing
is Big Business

In February 2020, Clúid hosted some of the country’s leading industry players at the Social Housing is Big Business (SHIBB) breakfast briefing in the National Convention Centre.


Over 100 of Ireland’s leading industry professionals attended the SHIBB breakfast briefing

Supporting Residents
Through Covid

Clann has worked hard over the last year to ensure that residents have a voice and play a central role in the delivery of services. The establishment of Clann’s Residents Advisory Group (CRAG) was an important step in this process.

Clann has an ambitious development programme of 800+ new homes.

Stones Award

Stepping Stones Award Class of 2020

The Stepping Stones programme supports residents in a broad range of courses and programmes, covering back to education, third level, and certificate and skills training. Grants for the programme are awarded by a panel of three judges and are based on the resident’s application. To apply for a grant, residents must outline how the award can help to improve and enrich their lives.

I had always wanted to study history, so off I went and applied to Trinity, got in much to my amazement, and in 2019 I graduated with first-class honours. I have now completed a Masters and am about to begin a PHD.

— Elizabeth Keogh, Stepping Stones awardee and Trinity graduate






Third level qualifications


Certificate and skills qualifications

Housing Services

The Clúid Housing Services team is at the front line of Clúid’s work. The team works in partnership with local authorities across Ireland, to support people in housing need. They provide quality housing and management services and enable people to build a home and thriving community.


End to end time
for new lets


Satisfaction levels
from Customer
Allocation Surveys

St. Mary’s Mansions

Dun Sí

na Sailí

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Annual Report 2020

2020 has been a unique year in the lives of residents and staff. It has tested us, made us redefine how we think of our communities and reconnect with our neighbours. We hope you enjoy reading back over the many exciting accomplishments and highlights from the year.

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