Clúid’s experience of providing excellent housing management services makes us an attractive partner for developers and local authorities who have properties that they wish to lease rather than sell. We are currently involved in three types of leasing schemes which are outlined below. Why not get in touch with our New Business Team to find out how we can work together?

Private sector leasing

Under this initiative, Clúid leases – typically for 15 years – paying the owner guaranteed rents, based on a percentage of the market rent, regardless of occupancy. The payments Clúid makes to the property owner are recouped by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government in return for an agreement that the properties are provided to households from the waiting list. The rents paid by the tenants make a contribution to the costs of repair and maintenance of the dwellings.

Local authority leasing

Clúid does not pay a fee to the local authority for leasing and instead agrees to make the properties available to people on the local authority housing waiting list. We incur all the costs for management and maintenance, some of which is offset by the tenants’ rent.

NAMA leasing

Clúid also leases through NARPs which is a special purpose vehicle established by NAMA which leases out some of its vacant stock to social housing providers. Lease payments are covered by an availability payment from the government in return for renting the dwellings to people from the local authority’s housing waiting list. We take over the majority of day-to-day maintenance and repairing obligations on the property.

Prospect Hill – Dublin


Clúid has worked in partnership with the receiver BDO and Dublin City Council to turn around a derelict and extremely problematic unfinished housing development.

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