Clúid has completed four major regeneration projects in Ireland: Killarney Court in Dublin (originally St. Joseph’s Mansions); St. Michael’s Road in Longford; St. Patrick’s Estate in Ballina, Mayo; and part of the Cranmore Estate in Sligo. Regeneration is not just about the bricks and mortar, but the renewal of the community as well. We are aware of many similar communities across the country that are in serious need of regeneration. Under new funding arrangements, Clúid is in a position to access private loan finance to fund regeneration. We are keen to work with local authorities to make regeneration a success story for future generations. Get in touch with our New Business Team to find out how we can work together.

This innovative partnership with Clúid has transformed a neighbourhood once described as irredeemable into a sustainable community for generations to come. Clúid’s understanding of marginalised communities and the social element of regeneration is what has made St. Michael’s socially, environmentally, physically and financially sustainable.

Cllr. Paul Connell, Mayor of Longford

Where We Have Regenerated


105 Units


117 Units


59 Units


51 Units

St. Michael’s Road – Longford


St. Michael’s Road in Longford town was once a place where older residents were living in deplorable conditions in tiny, damp 120-year-old houses.

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St. Patrick’s Estate – Mayo


St. Patrick’s Estate in Ballina was once a very shabby, depressed and derelict place, with 60% of the houses boarded up.

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