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The annual Clúid Housing Great Place to Live Competition recognises and celebrates the efforts that you and your neighbours put into making your neighbourhoods great places to live!

Each year there are three categories for you to choose between, simply select which is suitable for you and your neighbourhood to enter. Last year the categories included:

  1. Best Neighbourhood: This award recognises the estates or areas with strong community spirits. Are there any social events or activities in your area? What makes your area a great place to live?
  2. Best Community Project: This award recognises the community projects that have taken place over the last year. Are there any youth groups, community gardens or neighbours day events in your neighbourhood?
  3. Community Neighbour Award: This award recognises people who really make a difference on the scheme. Someone who helps out or organises fun community activities.

The Great Place to Live Competition is free to enter, simply complete a short form and send your entry in before Friday 14th August.

For further information or to get an entry form please contact your Housing Officer or a member of our team in the Contact Centre on 01 707 2088.