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We believe in communities. We believe in enabling our residents to create thriving communities. Our mission is to empower residents to take ownership of their neighbourhood and to make it a great place to live.

Our best communities have little anti-social behaviour, local economies that flourish, and plenty of opportunities in education and self-improvement. Everyone plays their part and gets involved in contributing to a place where children have a safe place to grow up, where local businesses can thrive and where older people can feel a part of something.

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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is an annual award scheme run by Clúid Housing for residents who are planning to attend a training or education course. Clúid supports residents with this ‘stepping stone’ to a new direction in life.
The Stepping Stones award is for all Clúid residents and authorised occupants living within Clúid homes. However, Stepping Stones is limited to people who are not receiving any other sources of funding. People who are receiving a Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) grant or grants from other sources, e.g. St Vincent de Paul, credit union etc., are not eligible to apply for funding.

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Clúid Greening Strategy
Clúid Greening Strategy

Clúid’s sustainable vision for the future means having every resident live in a low carbon, affordable home, in a place that promotes positive wellbeing and sustainable living. Clúid’s commitment and work to build as sustainable an organisation as possible will become both broader and more focused through the development of our Greening Strategy and Green Action Plan.

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National Residents’ Advisory Group

Early in 2020, Clúid collaborated with residents to form the National Residents’ Advisory Group (NRAG), a first for Clúid. The group is made up of people from across the resident community, with the objective of incorporating the residents’ voice and perspectives into all areas of the organisation.

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Being a good neighbour

Clúid knows that anti-social behaviour can have a negative effect on the day to day lives of residents and their families. Our team is committed to preventing and addressing these issues. We will always investigate and try to solve complaints.

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Great Place to Live Competition

This is an annual competition to recognise and celebrate the efforts that you and your neighbours put into making
your communities great places to live! This year we have three categories:

  • Best Neighbourhood

    This award recognises the schemes or areas with strong community spirits. Are there any social events or activities in your area? What makes your area a great place to live?

  • Best Community Project

    This award recognises the community projects that have taken place over the last year. Are there any youth groups, community gardens or neighbours day events in your neighbourhood?

  • Community Neighbour Award

    This award recognises people who really make a difference on the scheme. Someone who helps out or organises fun community activities.

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