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Biodiversity meets Community at Ballygraigue Court Nenagh

It was all hands on deck at Ballygraigue Court in March when the large-scale biodiversity project took another giant leap forward towards transforming the communal green area into a community-friendly biodiverse hub.

To date, a wildflower garden has been established at the entrance of the estate with over 6,000 bulbs planted. The Residents at Ballygraigue Court will enjoy the announcement of Spring in the form of snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils and bluebells for generations to come.

A Butterfly Garden has been completed with a host of multicoloured Buddleia dancing around a magnificent mature Magnolia Susan. 70 English Lavenders will complete this butterfly haven.

4 incredible bird feeders flank each corner of the green designed and constructed by our fabulous Resident Robert Marcisz who also made the signage for the various garden areas.

In collaboration with Trees on the Land native Irish trees were planted on the estate yesterday. Birch and Hazel were nestled lovingly in the ground by the gang of enthusiastic young gardeners who will grow up with the trees that they planted. The residents gave great consideration and in-depth discussion around the height and size of trees in 30 years.

An orchard of crab apples took up residence in the left-hand corner of the green area, bordered by an extensive edible hedge of blackcurrants. There are tarts and jams in the future for Ballygraigue Court!

Huge thanks to Brian Gaynor Trees on the Land, Gerry O’Brien Landscaper, Project Leaders Linda Gillick, Paddy Casey, Triona Gillick and Aisling Kelly. Resident Caoimhe Grace was also on hand to help along with a group of young eager landscapers. As always, a spectacular afternoon tea hosted by Linda Gillick rewarded everyone for their efforts.

There was a huge sense of achievement for all after a great day’s work, with the knowledge that this sustainable project and days of planting will leave a legacy for generations to come.

Future focus

The next step in the project will be to develop 9 raised beds which will be planted with an array of mixed herbs, Rhubarb, mint, parsley, thyme, rosemary, scallions & lettuce.

Create a new sensory area to support local children with additional needs, this will include a tunnel, hopscotch, X&O’s, and sandpits.

Build a new seating area with 2 benches to allow parents to sit and supervise their children while out playing.

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