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Clúid Housing deliver 28% of all Approved Housing Body homes delivered in 2022

Today’s launch of Clúid Housing’s Annual Report 2022 – Connecting Communities confirms the organisation’s large contribution to the national effort toward tackling the ongoing housing shortage across the country.

Clúid delivered 1,251 new homes into management in the year ended 2022, 28% of the total 4,479 homes delivered by Ireland’s Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs). Government figures released in April put the total number of social homes delivered in 2022 at 10,263, of which 44% were provided by AHBs, showing the importance of the sector in meeting the government’s Housing for All targets.

Clúid’s Greening Strategy, launched in 2021, continues to deliver results. Sustainable development remains a core objective for Clúid and the team are currently working on several exciting developments. These include; an ambitious retrofit programme, with a total of 1,417 homes retrofitted to a minimum B Building Energy Rating (BER); partnering with EnergyCloud to redirect excess renewable energy to tackle fuel poverty; and, through our in-house Landscape Designer, working to improve local biodiversity in neighbourhoods across Ireland.

Clúid continues to focus on delivering homes in mixed-tenure neighbourhoods with the aim of achieving a greater social, economic, and community mix. Clann, Clúid’s dedicated age-friendly housing and service provider, manages over 900 homes, supporting over 1,000 residents in specifically designed age-friendly schemes. The team are supporting and empowering people to create not only homes but thriving and more sustainable communities. The Clúid and Clann Resident Advisory Groups are more active than ever, sharing their voice and shaping the policies and processes that impact their lives.

Brian O’Gorman, Clúid’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “2022 was a busy year for Clúid, one that was filled with many successes and challenges. We delivered our 10,000th home and supported over 26,800 residents across Ireland, a milestone moment for all at Clúid.

“We see Cost Rental as one of the key tools to resolving Ireland’s ongoing housing shortage. Though still in its infancy, we are working to refine and build momentum in the delivery of more Cost Rental homes so we can scale up delivery soon.” O’Gorman concluded.

Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien, told Clúid, “It’s clear to see that connecting communities is right at the heart of everything you do. Your teams are on the ground, they’re engaging with residents and involving them in the decision-making processes which concern them. By doing this, you’re not only delivering homes, you’re building strong and vibrant communities. As you continue on your journey delivering top quality Social and Cost Rental homes, you will have my full support and that of my department.”

Clúid’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion (DEBI) saw a marked increase in activities in 2022. Clúid offers training initiatives and promotes regular events, for both staff and residents, contributing to an inclusive Ireland. Externally, Clúid is a proud member of the Irish Network Against Racism (INAR), and internally, has recently become the first AHB in Ireland to achieve the Investors in Diversity Silver Award from the Irish Centre for Diversity. These initiatives are increasingly important considering the recent increase in protests promoting intolerance and prejudice.

Nothando, a resident in Clúid’s RIAI award-winning Ladyswell Square in Dublin 15, says, “This home means a lot to us because the kids get to have their own bedrooms. We’re currently living in a two-bedroom, and it’s a flat. Now they get to have a garden and a trampoline and have all the toys they need and their own personal space as well. It’s really great!”

“It means the world to us because it’s our home that we can stay in, and not worry about anything, about having to move to a different place. It’s where the kids will grow up and that is good news for us. It’s a new start, a new beginning. And for the kids, they are so excited, you can see it. It will be a big relief to us to move in, to be able to enjoy the community and the space.” Nothando finished.

A copy of the Clúid Housing Annual Report 2022 – Connecting Communities is available on

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