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EnergyCloud launches new initiative to provide free hot water to 1,000 Irish homes using surplus renewable energy

Over 1,000 Irish homes will soon be equipped to benefit from free hot water with the installation of EnergyCloud’s smart devices.

The pilot initiative, which was announced as part of a collaboration between not-for-profit EnergyCloud, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), will enable families in 1,000 Clúid Housing homes to receive free tanks of hot water via an EnergyCloud smart device. The device uses surplus renewable energy, which would otherwise be wasted, to heat immersion tanks. Installations are underway and are scheduled to be completed by end of March 2023.

Speaking at the launch of the installation programme at a Clúid Housing home in Dublin, Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan TD said: “This is an ambitious and creative project between EnergyCloud and Amazon Web Services and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to officially launch the installation programme. The initiative by EnergyCloud and Clúid to enable 1,000 families to receive free tanks of hot water via an EnergyCloud smart device is an example of what we need to see in Ireland if we are to help tackle energy poverty and meet our climate targets.”

“The Government has clear ambitions under Climate Action Plan 2023 in relation to flexible demand management, which maximises the efficiency of our renewable electricity generation and reduces our dependence on fossil fuel generation at peak demand times. As more and more smart energy solutions for renewable energy generation, storage and sharing continue to be developed, the Government expects more homes to be able to take advantage of excess renewable energy, thereby reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint.”

Neil Morris, Director of Infrastructure Operations at AWS said: “AWS has been investing in Ireland for over 15 years and this collaboration with EnergyCloud highlights our continued commitment to the local communities. EnergyCloud is a great example of an innovative technology solution where businesses can work together to create positive social impact.”

A 2022 report from the ESRI, ‘Energy poverty and deprivation in Ireland’, highlighted that there are over 550,000 households currently in energy poverty and emphasised the need for creative solutions to address the issue.

At the event, Minister Ryan was joined by representatives from Clúid Housing, AWS, EnergyCloud and a range of state and other agencies.

Clúid Housing CEO Brian O’Gorman commented: “This programme with EnergyCloud and AWS supports Clúid’s vision and is a hugely exciting opportunity for Clúid to help tackle energy poverty. The feedback from families and single people who live in our homes and are currently benefiting from EnergyCloud, has been excellent. They love receiving notification of a free tank of hot water, whether via a text message or the app as they know that it has helped them reduce their energy bill. The support from AWS for this project with EnergyCloud means that we can bring even more families onto the EnergyCloud scheme and use the surplus renewable energy to help reduce fuel poverty.”

Gabriel D’Arcy, Chairperson of EnergyCloud added: “The vision set out in the collaboration between EnergyCloud and AWS aligns with the ambition of the Clúid Housing team to address the impact of energy poverty, while using energy that otherwise would have been wasted.

“For EnergyCloud, this is an exciting and ambitious sustainability collaboration that supports the work of Clúid Housing and is also entirely consistent with the leadership shown by Amazon in co-founding The Climate Pledge in 2019 and also last month, when Amazon set a new corporate record for the most renewable energy purchased by a single company in one year.”

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