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Have your say – Clúid customer survey

Have your say on Clúid services

Clúid continues with its customer survey programme during 2022 because we want to understand the needs of our residents and work towards continuous improvement of our services. Receiving feedback from our residents is important. It helps us understand what is most important to you and where we need to focus our efforts and resources.

The research will be carried out by Acuity on behalf of Clúid. Acuity is a research company that specialises in seeking feedback from residents in housing associations in the UK and Ireland. As part of the survey programme you may receive a phone call.

A random sample of tenants will be contacted about their overall perception of Clúid. In addition to that we are continuing with our satisfaction surveys for residents who recently had a repair completed or had made a service complaint to Clúid. We have also added a lettings survey to get a better understanding how new residents find our lettings process and where we can potentially improve.

If you agree to participate in any of the surveys, your answers will remain completely confidential and will not be known to Clúid staff, unless you explicitly consent to Acuity passing your details on to Clúid. You might decide this, if, for example, you raise an issue which you would like to have resolved by Clúid.

Please note: If you have call display on your phone, the call display will show a UK number with a Brighton area code (01273 093939). There is no cost to you for accepting this call.

We will communicate findings of the surveys through the resident newsletters. If you have any questions about the satisfaction surveys, please get in touch with the Contact Centre for more information, by phone on 01 7072088 or email

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