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ICSH Allianz public choice awards – NRAG

National Residents Advisory Group

We are thrilled to announce that Clúid’s National Residents Advisory Group (NRAG) has been shortlisted for the ICSH Allianz Community Housing public choice awards.

NRAG was established to facilitate the process of providing and introducing structures that enable residents to feedback and influence how services are delivered and developed by Clúid.

Insights gathered from NRAG are key to developing our strategy, policy, services, and communication that best meets our residents’ needs.

NRAG has become another arm of the organisation and plays a crucial role in shaping the organisation’s practices. These sentiments are echoed by NRAG members. Deborah (NRAG Chairperson) stated, “As a group we decided it would be a positive experience for everyone involved, working in partnership with Clúid to give feedback to any changes or improvements regarding Clúid’s policies, practices etc. NRAG has a national agenda that considers the lived experiences of all Clúid residents and strive to make our Clúid Community a truly great place to live.

Vote for the National Residents Advisory Group now – click here.

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