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March in the Vegetable Garden

It is now time to prepare seedbeds for direct sowing. Soil is starting to dry out now, making it easier to create a fine seedbed. If the soil is still sticky use planks to stand on and prevent localised compaction.

Dig over he bed, breaking down larger clumps by hitting them with the back of a fork. Rake to break up smaller lumps and create a fine tilth. Tread the soil to firm it and apply an organic fertiliser about 2 weeks before sowing seeds. Seaweed fertiliser is a great option.

Vegetables sown indoors in January and February can now be gradually hardened off over a two week period before planting out.

Sow Indoors
– Artichokes for planting out in May
– Lettuce
– Cabbage
– Cauliflowers
– Tomatoes
– Aubergines
– Peppers

Sow Outdoors
Sow seed in short rows at 10 day intervals to have regular cropping and avoid a glut of produce. The seed packets will have instructions on successful cultivation.
– Lettuce
– Radish
– Spring Onions
– Peas
– Broad Beans
– Spinach
– Cabbage
– Turnips
– Beetroot
– Parsnips
– Early Potatoes
– Onion Sets
– Chives
– Dill
– Fennel
– Marjoram
– Coriander
– Parsley

Caring for Crops
– Feed Winter Lettuce with organic fertiliser
– Keep an eye out for pests and diseases
– Keep weeds down with a hoe.
– Feed fruit with potash
– Remove old canes from raspberry plants
– Prune Gooseberries

Preparation for Runner Beans and Celery
Excavate a trench, 90 cm wide and a spades depth, backfill with organic material and cover with the excavated topsoil. The material will have rotted down by the time the runner beans are planted in June.

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