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Condensation and Mould
Managing Mould and Condensation

The secret to managing mould is controlling moisture and condensation with good ventilation. Clúid understands that keeping your property mould free can be challenging, but in order to manage the issue it requires your participation.

Following these four easy steps regularly, will make your property mould free and help to manage the problem.


Moisture creates mould. Condensation happens when moist air meets a cold surface. Mould is happening on your property because of steam from daily showers. When the steam rises and hits your colder walls or ceilings, it condenses, resulting in mould growth in your bathrooms.


Remove any mould that is currently in the bathroom. Apply diluted bleach solution to the wall or use a recognised mould spray such as HG Mould Remover available in hardware shops.


Stop mould from returning

  • Use the extractor fan in your bathroom when the shower is in use and for at least 30 minutes or one hour after use
  • If the fan turns off automatically, turn it on again. Keep the bathroom door closed during this time
  • After one hour, open the bathroom door, open two windows in the property and leave the internal doors between the windows and the bathroom open
  • Do this for as long as possible
  • The radiator in your bathroom should be used to dry the air each day. If not used, the air in the bathroom will retain moisture, leading to condensation
  • Try not to dry towels/clothes on the radiator in the bathroom, this adds additional moisture to the bathroom air which leads to condensation.


Report mould that continues to return

  • After following the previous steps, it is very important that you keep an eye on the situation. If mould continues to return, identify if the steps above were followed properly
  • Note the date of any mould that shows up again and take a picture. Keep following the steps described above for a whole month and take another picture of the mould
  • Send both pictures and dates to Clúid’s Contact Centre at This will let Clúid know how fast the mould is coming.
  • Download our Guide to Managing Mould and Condensation
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