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Clúid National Residents Advisory Group (NRAG)

Clúid Housing are delighted to announce the formation of the National Residents Advisory Group (NRAG), the first of its kind for Clúid. The group was established in February of this year and is made up from a diverse range of people from across the Clúid resident body. The guiding principle of the NRAG is that of partnership, incorporating the residents’ voice and perspective into all areas of the organisation.

From the initial meeting in February of this year, and a move online through the power of video conferencing due to covid-19 restrictions, we are proud to be collaborating with residents to help to shape Clúid policy and process through the NRAG’s input and recommendations.

Over the past number of months, Clúid’s Resident Engagement Co-ordinator Michael Mooney has helped to facilitate the formation of the group through structured workshops. The next stage was to develop the shared purpose and structure for the group. This was led by an external facilitator, Community Action Network. These facilitated sessions allowed the group to developed an understanding of service areas and the issues that are important for residents.

There are now 17 residents from all regions working collectively, and in partnership with Clúid, at a national level to have greater impact locally and influence how we improve our services. In addition to working together to improve services, the group are increasingly motivated by wider societal issues in the areas of diversity and sustainability and want to support Clúid in having a strong voice for change.

Over the initial four NRAG meetings, participants examined how to structure the group. It was decided that there was a need for a chairperson, a secretary and a facilitator. Members put themselves forward to be considered for a particular role and presented to the group on why they should be considered. The group were then asked to vote in the committee members.

The following roles were elected: Deborah, a resident in Carlow, was elected to the position of Chairperson. Christina from Cork and Niamh from Sligo will both act as co-secretaries. Mick Mooney from Clúid Housing will facilitate the meetings.

Following the election, the NRAG carried out a survey to look at areas of priority for the group. The group will be working with Clúid on three key areas of interest, Resident Engagement/Anti Social Behaviour (ASB), Digital Strategy/Communication and the Greening Strategy/Sustainability.

We look forward to working closely together in the coming months.

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