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Clúid’s Resident Engagement Team launch their strategy

Clúid recognises that resident engagement and community development practices are instrumental in enabling residents to influence and collectively take action to build sustainable communities and improve our services. As a large national landlord, we acknowledge the need to put resident engagement on a more structured footing and to develop new forms of engagement. In 2021, we worked with TPAS, a leading tenant engagement organisation, to assist us in developing our understanding of and the potential of Resident Engagement. We also worked with residents, board and staff to co-create Clúid’s first Resident Engagement Strategy.

David Mullins, Board and Business Development Committee lead on Resident Engagement commented “The Resident Engagement Strategy and Action Plan will help Clúid to become a better landlord by listening to, and acting on, the expert views of residents. It provides an essential platform for Clúid to deliver its ambition to develop great places to live at scale through an inclusive culture in which residents, staff and board all play their part”

This multi-faceted Resident Engagement Strategy sets the direction for our internal and external activities, ensuring a strong resident voice. The strategy informs and improves our services, strengthens communities and feeds into Clúid’s governance and management processes. It is not intended as the final word or a fixed statement on Clúid’s work on resident engagement. Rather it is the beginning of an ambitious, evolving resident engagement mindset, which is helping us to build a better Clúid. Ultimately, the strategy will strengthen the organisation and safeguard Clúid into the future.

Steve Loveland, Resident Engagement Manager at Clúid, commented “It’s very important for me and Clúid that we develop and embed a strong “We’re All Clúid” ethos across the organisation and resident community, further demonstrating equality and our shared purpose. We recognise that to truly achieve this aim it’s vital that we work in partnership with our residents, alongside staff and the board. We are entering a very exciting time for Clúid and our residents in the years to come.”

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