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Dreaming big, Flobater completes a 200km run from Cork to Galway

Rutland Square resident, Flobater Fares, has been making Irish history this year. In April, the Cork teenager completed a 200km run, from Cork to Galway, to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society. He is the first Irish teenager to run this distance.

When Flobater was 16, he ran 100km from Cork to Limerick. Next year, he plans to build on that by running 300km. He says: “I’m thinking I will start up in Newry and finish my 300km in Cork City”.

Flobater was allowed to run cross-county in April as he is classed as an elite athlete. His background is in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and he is on the Irish Team. He represented Ireland at the 2019 and 2021 MMA Youth World Championships.

His route to Galway began at his school in Cork city, North Monastery Secondary School, where he got a huge send-off from pupils and teachers. Some students joined him for part of the run through the city. He then ran up towards Limerick city, through Clare and into Galway city. He kept to back roads for safety.

Preparation took 10 weeks of training, and he enjoyed the challenge. He was coached by international ultra-running coach Kristian Morgan and his brother Abanoub Fares, who also represents Ireland in MMA.

Flobater completed his aim in under 27 hours. He says: “After each 50km I would take roughly around two to three hours’ break to have a little nap, get some food and get warmed up for my next 50km run.

“This meant I was running through the night in the pitch dark barely seeing the road but thankfully I had my older brother, Abanoub, cycling next to me. It was a great experience running in the night”.

Flobater travelled in a campervan with his supporters who helped him refuel and stay safe on the run. They included his brother, dad Samir Fares, and mum Sohair Boulis.

Flobater is now in sixth year, and we asked him how he plans to manage his training with this big year in his studies. He says: “I am hoping to go to college after school, to do something involving a sports course. At the same time, it is tough studying for my Leaving Cert and training and fighting MMA but it’s doable. My goal is to turn professional in 2023 and I believe I will be in the UFC for 2026”.

Flobater said that he would like to represent Ireland in ultra-running and wouldn’t rule out heading to the Olympics in the future. In fact, he’d be happy to continue both ultra-running and MMA.

Based on Flobater’s record to date, we have no doubt that we will be hearing more from him on his sporting achievements and goals. The future is indeed bright, and we will all be cheering him on.

Flobater’s 200km run may be complete, but his donation page remains open for anyone who would like to donate to it:

Pictured above; on the far right is Flobater, with his brother Abanoub, and his parents, Sohair and Samir.

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