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Energy Saving Measures in the Home

Katie Harrington from Codema, Dublin’s Energy Agency, held a seminar for Clúid staff and residents discussing simple energy saving measures in the home. These are practical things that we can all implement in our homes to help make it more environmentally efficient and maybe most importantly, to save money.

Simple things like turning off lights when leaving a room, turning down the thermostat by one degree or boiling the kettle with just the amount of water that you need will all help make your home more efficient.

Katie also showed us how to read our electricity bills and what to consider when changing suppliers. The final part of the presentation included a discussion on the “Home Energy Saving Kits” that are available in 120 libraires around the country. These kits are free of charge and contain 5 tools to help you asses how much energy you are using at home. The kit contains a thermal leak detector, a plug-in energy monitor, a temperature and humidity meter, a fridge/freezer thermometer, a radiator key, and comprehensive instructions on how to use these tools to identify problem areas in your home such as poor insulation or electrical appliances that are driving up your bills. Click here to find the location of the Home Energy Saving Kits nationwide.

Thanks to Susan Vickers, Energy and Environmental Manager at Clúid, for organising this hugely informative talk for staff and residents and to everyone who attended. Hopefully you learned a few things to implement in your own homes and were introduced to a wealth of resources and tips to share with our residents.

To access support resources to help you save energy in your home, visit the ‘In you Home’ section at

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