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Reeling In: Great Places to Live Competition

Clúid Housing Great Place to live competition is taking a hiatus this year as the coordinating team put their heads together to see how the competition moves forward. How best can we showcase the communities participating and how can we better support the communities who are not taking part.

This hiatus gives us a great opportunity to highlight the importance of working toward building a community which is a ‘great place to live’ regardless of a competition and showcasing previous winners.

Communities as a support
In addition to giving us support during difficult times, being part of a community also provides us with an outlet for celebrating the positive aspects of life: developing new friendships; creating opportunities for growth through volunteering; connecting with others who share similar interests or click over specific problems that might be affecting them – it means people don’t feel so alone.

Taking the lead on the protection of biodiversity in the community

When local communities are involved in conservation projects, they develop a sense of connection and pride towards the environment they are helping. This connection and pride lead to a greater commitment to conserving the environment, which, in turn, leads to a higher likelihood of sustainability.

What’s a good neighbour?
Good neighbours are considerate, tolerant and understanding of others and their different lifestyles, and they help build successful communities. Not all good neighbours are the same, everyone’s lived experience and personalities are so different which helps develop a community’s identity.

A look at some of the winners in previous years

GPTL 2023

Best Neighbourhood

  • –Winner: Taylor Hill (Dublin)
  • Runners Up: White Oaks Court (Kildare); and Ballygraigue Court (Tipperary)

Best Biodiversity & Sustainability Project

  • Winner: Ballygraigue Court (Tipperary)

GPTL 2022

Best Neighbourhood

  • Winner: White Oaks Court (Kildare)
  • Runners Up: Taylor Hill (Dublin); and Sleaty Park (Carlow)

Best Biodiversity & Sustainability Project

  • Winner (Joint): Deer Park (Cork); and Ballygraigue Court (Tipperary)
  • Runners Up: Sleaty Park (Carlow)

GPTL 2021

Best Neighbourhood

  • Winner: White Oaks (Kildare)
  • Runners Up: Lios na Circe (Mayo); and Killarney Court (Dublin)

Best Community Project

  • Winner: Birchwood (Waterford)
  • Runners Up: The Granary (Cork); and Joyce’s Court (Cork)
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