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Our Greening Strategy
Building a Sustainable Future Together

We have now entered what will be a crucial decade of delivery for climate action. In the wake of the Paris Agreement and the declaration of a global climate and biodiversity crisis, there is a need for unprecedented environmental action by governments, organisations and citizens.

Sustainability Stories

For inspiration, sustainability news and stories that show resident projects around the country.

Building a Sustainable Future Together

  • 30%

    Ireland’s goal is to reduce national emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030 and to aim for net-zero emissions by 2050.

  • 25%

    Homes are responsible for approximately 25% of Ireland’s current energy-related GHG emissions.

  • 58%

    Emissions from the average home in Ireland are 58% more than the EU average, due to our reliance on oil and gas for heating.

Clúid’s Sustainability Vision
Homes that don’t cost the earth

We want every Clúid resident to live in a low-carbon, affordable home, in a place that promotes positive wellbeing and sustainable living.

Our Greening Strategy is based around three key pillars: Build Green, Live Green, and Be Green. Together these pillars address our key environmental risks and opportunities and the issues that matter most to our stakeholders.

We are taking a holistic approach, considering our impacts across our entire value chain – our direct operations, our properties, the goods and services we procure through our supply chain, and the impacts stemming from our residents’ use of their homes.

We have set an overarching 2030 goal for each pillar and we will define more detailed targets in due course, based on what the science tells us is needed to deliver a low-carbon, sustainable future.

Build Green

  • Green construction
  • Green retrofit
  • Green infrastructure
More details

Live Green

  • Green residents
  • Green facilities & services
  • Green spaces
More details

Be Green

  • Green office
  • Green behaviours
  • Green transport
More details
Getting Started

Here are a number of useful guides to help you start your own sustainability and biodiversity projects in your community.


Responsibility for the delivery of our Greening Strategy sits with our Chief Executive and Executive Team. They will be supported by our Energy and Environmental Manager and in-house Green Team. We will measure our progress on an annual basis to ensure we stay on track for achieving our 2030 goals.

We have established a Green Team, made up of representatives from all Clúid departments, to support the implementation of our Greening Strategy.

Action Plan

Our initial three-year action plan was developed with the help of employees from across Clúid’s key departments. They will collaborate closely in the coming years to deliver the plan; sharing knowledge, ideas and information. They will be supported by our Green Team, who will be instrumental in championing and coordinating action.

We will also explore opportunities to develop or join ‘flagship initiatives’, working in partnership with others to advance our thinking and practice. Years two and three will see us build on these foundations and make tangible progress in all areas. At the end of year three, we will review our progress and formulate the next phase of the plan.

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