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Head of IT

Role Overview: The role of the Head of IT is to oversee the IT department, ensuring the estate is secure, robust and meets the needs of the customers.

  • Develop an IT operational strategy that is aligned to the CIO strategic objectives.
  • Embed a service delivery model that is customer-centric.
  • Ensure a resilient and secure infrastructure is in place
  • Effective budget management, with focus on Value for Money.
  • Ensure that that the security position of the IT estate follows a recognised industry standard
  • Ensure all IT policies and procedures in place, with effective measurement to ensure alignment to operational effectiveness
  • Work collaboratively across the CIO functional area to identify the technology solutions in line with business needs and the IT strategy.
  • Ensure expertise in place to support and develop and integrate Cluid applications
  • Ensure robust vendor management in place with focus on Value for Money

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