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We believe in communities. We believe in enabling our residents to create thriving communities. Our mission is to empower residents to take ownership of their neighbourhood and to make it a great place to live.

Our best communities have little anti-social behaviour, local economies that flourish, and plenty of opportunities in education and self-improvement. Everyone plays their part and gets involved in contributing to a place where children have a safe place to grow up, where local businesses can thrive and where older people can feel a part of something.

This isn’t just a vision. It is a reality in many of our neighbourhoods and apartment complexes across Ireland. See for yourself the most inspiring stories here and learn how you can play your part.

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Inspiring Stories

Clúid’s staff place strong emphasis on encouraging residents to become involved in creating a thriving community. They promote involvement in annual, national and European community events as well as events organised by Clúid in the community. With support, residents also run a range of projects which impact positively on their community. Included in these are initiatives that create opportunities for residents in education, employment, and participation in productive and valuable community projects.

Cúirt an Rí

This is an inspiring community which experienced a common issue on their estate and made a decision to get active and involved in becoming part of a solution.


Men’s Shed

Men’s Sheds aim to combat loneliness, isolation and depression in men, through involvement in productive and valuable community projects.