Who are Clúid Housing?

Clúid Housing has been providing high quality homes in Ireland since 1994. We have more than 6000 properties all around the country. We work in partnership with local authority housing departments to help you find a place you can make a home. […]

Tenant Handbook

Download our latest Clúid Tenant Handbook

Property Swap

If you wish to move to a different area or estate you can seek a mutual exchange. This is where one tenant ‘swaps’ homes with another tenant with the agreement of the landlord or landlords.


Condensation is bad for your home and your health. It occurs when moist air hits a cold surface. You will see condensation as water droplets on walls, window glasses, around windows, inside cupboards, on the ceiling and in the corner of rooms.


It is possible to apply for a transfer to another Clúid property or to a local authority house. We can only take applications for transfers to our own properties, so if you are requesting a transfer to local authority housing or another housing association you must contact them directly.

Anti-Social Behaviour

You can have the most beautiful home in the world but antisocial behaviour can have a damaging effect on the quality of your life. Clúid does not tolerate antisocial behaviour.