Our Customer Service Vision

Getting it right for our customers

Clúid is here to provide quality housing and the best possible services to all our residents. Basic services such as repairs and lettings are our ‘bread and butter’. We want to carry out the right repairs at the right time, first time. We want to make residents’ rent affordable, fair and easy to pay. We want to get new tenants a good home in good condition, in the area that they want. And we want to answer any queries and manage estate issues quickly and effectively. We devote a lot of time and effort on an on-going basis to learn how to do this better. That also includes regularly listening to our customers and what they need from us.

Our team of Contact Centre Advisors, alongside our housing management staff, are dedicated to delivering the best possible service. In the Contact Centre we aim to resolve issues at the first point of contact where possible and at all times to be professional, friendly and efficient. All the Advisors are trained to a high standard. Our purpose is to deliver what our customers need, with as little delay and hassle as possible. We are far from achieving this all the time, but are learning from the occasions when we get it wrong.

This website is designed to help you get in contact with our Advisors and to find basic advice on our services and your tenancy. If you need more information, our Contact Centre staff, as well as our Scheme Managers and Housing Officers, are here to help.

Clúid’s Customer Service Vision is that residents are able to say:

That I have a comfortable home and Clúid help me if I have a problem
I am treated fairly & equitably
I have choice
I am dealt with quickly & correctly