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Clúid’s Property Services Team is an experienced network of maintenance professionals and building surveyors, supported by a central investment and asset management planning team.

All of my bills have come down since we’re after getting the new heating system. They did a great job on it.

— Tommy Sherlock

Property Services
at a Glance

Clúid has a strong performance record in delivering quality services to our residents. This is achieved through a joint commitment to collaboration between our employees and our residents

  • Planned Programme 2019
    (asset enhancements)

    New kitchens 109
    New boilers installed 50
    New heat pumps installed 142
    New windows and doors fitted 431
  • Cyclical Works

    Gas boiler service schedule compliance 99.8%
    Gas and oil boilers serviced 4,788
    Electrical inspections completed 847

25 years of
investment in
our properties

Clúid has invested in excess of €7m between 2016 and 2019 to upgrade properties and make them more energy efficient.

  • Energy Improvements

    Amount spent on property upgrades (to Q4 2019)
  • Compliance and Safety

  • Adaptations

    Total spend since 2017

Contact Centre

Over Clúid’s 25-year history we have led the way on many occasions. Opening the Customer Contact Centre (CCC) in January 2012 was a milestone moment.

  • Total rent payments received by phone

  • Customer Service contacts


Clúid Works celebrated its first birthday in 2019, marking 12 months of delivering a national responsive repairs and voids service to our residents.

  • Total number of
    repairs in 2019

  • Average number of
    days to complete repair

  • Total number of
    voids in 2019


Download Clúid's
Annual Report 2019

For over 25 years Clúid has been providing quality homes and services to make sure everyone has a great place to live. This years report is a celebration of Clúid’s achievements througout 2019 and a recognition of the energy and enthusiasm that the team at Clúid has invested since 1994 in support of residents. We hope you enjoy reading back over the many exciting accomplishments and highlights from the year.

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