Thriving Communities

Clúid acknowledges that it is the role of the resident to create his or her home and community. A high standard of housing management puts in place the tools to enable residents to turn the bricks and mortar into a home. We employ highly qualified, skilled and professional staff to deliver an exceptional standard of housing. By establishing a reputation for high quality housing management, we are able to counteract some of the challenges that commonly arise when social housing developments are planned. Through high property management standards we make social housing indistinguishable from ordinary housing.

We also believe that enabling residents to become involved in their community is essential to creating inclusive, thriving communities and a society where everyone has a great place to live. Our team place significant emphasis on encouraging residents to become involved in their community through annual, national and European community events, community initiatives organised by Clúid and, with the support of Clúid, various projects run by residents which often create opportunities in education and employment.