When Clúid are notified of an anti-social behaviour complaint, the Housing Officer will investigate the complaint in a fair and impartial manner. Depending on the specific circumstances, Clúid may investigate in a variety of ways, to include:

  • Speaking to the complainant (person making the complaint)
  • Speaking to the respondent (the alleged perpetrator)
  • Seeking written witness statements or detailed log sheets from the complainant
  • Liaising with statutory agencies such as Gardaí, Local Authorities, Tusla etc.
  • Liaising with other residents or resident committees and seeking witness statements if applicable and appropriate
  • If applicable, Clúid staff may also prepare witness statements.
  • Reviewing CCTV systems where possible to confirm or gather evidence of anti-social behaviour
  • Review photos / video footage in line with data protection guidelines
  • In some instances of noise complaints, we may take sound recordings or have a structural surveyor carry out an inspection on the homes.
  • If evidence is found and action is deemed appropriate and necessary, Clúid will act in line with our policies and procedure.
  • If evidence is not found or action is not deemed necessary, Clúid will close the case.

The Housing Officer will keep the complainant updated regarding their investigation, however under data protection regulations, there are limitations on the information which can be provided.

For example, if action is taken against a tenancy, your Housing Officer will not be able to advise the detail of the action that has been taken. They will only be able to advise that action is or has been taken based on the complaint.

Report Anti-Social Behaviour

Please report incidents of anti-social behaviour to Clúid by:

Email: cluid@cluid.ie

Phone: 01 707 2088

Address: 159-161 Sheriff Street Upper, Dublin 1, D01 R8NO

Please take note of dates, times, and detail of the incident. This will help your Housing Officer with their investigations. Download the ASB Log Sheet

If you have reported the incident to Gardaí, please request a PULSE number and the name of the Garda you dealt with.