Clúid have a robust anti-social behaviour policy. In addition, in 2022, Clúid have developed a 3-year anti-social behaviour strategy which aims to improve, how we deal with and prevent anti-social behaviour. This is an ongoing project and Clúid are reviewing various tools and partaking in projects to assist with preventing and challenging anti-social behaviour in the future.

Preventing ASB
  • Where possible, prior to construction, Clúid’s Housing Services Team will review plans of new schemes and, with prevention of anti-social behaviour in mind and if required, may request amendments to layouts. Amendments may include additional lighting in specific dimly lit areas of a scheme or the installation of CCTV etc.
  • Through the Local County Council, estate checks are carried out on all residents over the age of 18.
Challenging ASB
  • Clúid liaise regularly with Gardaí, youth justice programmes, Community Groups, Local Authorities, Garda National Diversity & Integration Unit and various services such as disability support groups, addiction services, child and family support services etc.
  • Clúid may employ security services in certain circumstances.
  • Where Clúid staff witness an anti-social incident, they may be asked to prepare witness statements.
  • Clúid may offer mediation or alternative dispute resolution services to parties involved.
  • In line with Clúid’s anti-social behaviour policy, Clúid may serve warning letters to tenants who are involved in anti-social behaviour. This may have a negative impact on their tenancy.
  • If the anti-social behaviour continues, depending on the circumstances, Clúid may raise a case with the Residential Tenancies Board to seek a Determination Order.
  • If a Determination Order is breached, Clúid may serve a Notice of Termination.
  • In the case of a serious anti-social incident, depending on the circumstances, Clúid may proceed straight to serving a Notice of Termination. This will only be in cases where sufficient evidence is collected, and Garda reports / Court cases finalised.
  • For victims, Clúid may signpost to relevant support services. In exceptional circumstances, Clúid may seek to or offer a transfer to victims.

Report Anti-Social Behaviour

Please report incidents of anti-social behaviour to Clúid by:


Phone: 01 707 2088

Address: 159-161 Sheriff Street Upper, Dublin 1, D01 R8NO

Please take note of dates, times, and detail of the incident. This will help your Housing Officer with their investigations. Download the ASB Log Sheet

If you have reported the incident to Gardaí, please request a PULSE number and the name of the Garda you dealt with.